Cardamom Shortbread

shortbread 1

The colorful bazaars, the beautiful mosques and the gorgeous Bosphorus river; Istanbul is a place filled with culture and never-ending beauty. Last April I had the opportunity to visit this marvelous city and could not get enough of it.

The Blue Mosque
Sailing on the Bosphorus

Of course, in addition to the eye-catching architecture and the tourist sites, the next best thing in Istanbul is the Turkish cuisine. Turkish cuisine originated from the Ottoman period and is a fusion of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Central Asian and Balkan cuisine.

Delicious Turkish Delights

We went for dinner at Tugra, a restaurant at Ciragan Palace Kempinski. The food was beyond this world. I tried the lentil and chickpea soup and vegetable skewers with pita. The main ingredients in Turkish food are the fragrant and colorful spices and a good place to find them is the Spice Market.

Istanbul Spice Bazaar

Lastly, the one thing I loved about Turkey was the Turkish tea. It is the second most consumed beverage in the country, after water! It is generally served without milk in a glass cup.

Today’s post is inspired by tea. While thinking about Turkish tea, I thought I would make something that would be a good tea time snack. Here is the recipe for Cardamom Shortbread.

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