Travel Diaries: Mumbai’s Britannia and Co.

Mumbai is described in several ways; from the city that never sleeps to the city of dreams. It is not only the financial capital of India but also the home to Bollywood, the fashion epicenter and the land of amazing food! I spent the last two weeks in Mumbai and had the opportunity to try out everything from street food to the high end restaurants.


Mumbai’s street food has been the city’s way of life for decades. Street vendors can be found at every corner of the city, spreading the aroma of delicious street food. In fact Mumbai is filled with streets dedicated to just food stalls; Khau gallis. It is always a treat to bite into Mumbai’s most famous vada pav near Mithibhai College, or take a mouth full of some pani puris.
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And when the time calls, you can enjoy some roadside chai or Irish coffee at Prithvi Cafe.

While I had a great culinary experience through my trip, the highlight was a great Parsi restaurant named Britannia and Co. Located in the back streets of Ballard Estate, this cafe has a warm and cozy ambiance.

The restaurant opened doors in 1923 and the decor still depicts this era with the stone building, the high ceilings and no air conditioning. But the true charm of this place comes from the owner, Boman Kohinoor, a 94 year old man who makes this experience complete.

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While we sat on the table waiting for someone to take our order, we saw Mr. Kohinoor walk towards us. He came over and asked about us, where we are from and what brought us to his restaurant today. He was delighted to hear that I came from USA, “I am Hillary Clinton’s no. 1 fan!”, he told me, “please do pass on my regards to her”.

Being vegetarian, he suggested that we try the vegetable dhanshak and the berry pulao. He took our order and then proceeded to the kitchen to make sure it was made as requested. The food was just delicious and while my stomach was full, my mind was not satisfied and wanted more.

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This restaurant is a must visit for anyone going to Mumbai. It is a true gem in the middle of the bustling city.

Britannia and Co.
Wakefield House, 11 Sprott Road | Wakefield House, Opposite New Custom House, Fort, Mumbai (Bombay)400001, India


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